TalentScout offers a completely web-based CRM. Initially developed for the recruitment and job-based industry, it provides a subscription-based solution to running a job-based or recruitment CRM without the hurdle of massive investment in IT.

TalentScout is comprised of the following three aspects:

Fundamentals — this phase provides the new activity-based framework and modification of core functionality of creating and managing candidates, clients, jobs, timesheets, invoices, and postings. Talent Scout provides the ability for each consultant to manage a 200% to 300% increase in candidates.

Essentials — this phase provides new and/or improved process functionality. This includes resume conversion and skills extraction, performance statistics, Email and SMS integration. Talent Scout provides the ability for each consultant to manage 100% to 200% more clients.

Analysis — this phase provides toolsets needed for the continuous development of skill set mapping, resume data mining, and skill assessment. With the addition of core functionality from JB Metrics Talentpool, Talent Scout should increase the overall market share by 250% to 400% of the user's current market share within a year.

Talent Scout is made up of three core modules:

Job Post — job management and advertisement through multiple job boards with a single click.

Job Tracker — process-driven CRM to manage candidates and clients for recruitment (contractors and customers for contract work) which includes automatic email notifications, status escalations, and email reply activations.

Job Matching — skills and personality (psychometrics) fit analysis using 4th generation search engine technology (originally developed for Let's Eat) to match candidates and jobs (or work resources to contract jobs).

Licence Fee: Talent Scout (Job Tracker) - $35,000
Talent Scout Professional (Job Tracker + Job Matching) - $45,000
Transaction Fee - Talent Scout (Job Tracker) - $99 per job
Talent Scout Professional (Job Tracker + Job Matching) - $139 per job
Average implementation time: 2-3 person weeks configuration and setup