Product Overview

JB Metrics' combined products provide "disruptive technology" to serve varied global markets based upon business growth patterns, market demand and economic conditions. During a recession time, it is established businesses who seek "disruptive technology" for streamlining and cost-saving measures. "Disruptive technology" is technology that leaps several years ahead of the market to either create a barrier of entry for competitors or to help a company differentiate itself from the pack (essentially taking it from competing with low cost leaders and providing a value-added competitive advantage). JB Metrics is now offering the right solution for the right time. The challenge is to be in all the right places with a targeted marketing and customer awareness strategy. This is where partners and investors come in.

Internet Applications

Unique Advantage

(starting at $25/mo/user)

One hour to install, one day to learn, and one week to run an entire organization from a small two-man band to a 20,000 person company

(as little as 1% transaction fee)

Collaborative competition e-Commerce/ERP business model that provides consolidated purchasing, marketing, and other expenses while geometrically expanding revenues

Candidate Post
(starting at $2.50/profile download)

Candidates earn money from their profiles the more they fit jobs and are picked up by companies, recruiters, and job boards

Job Post
(from $10/job)

The first universal job posting system to provide data back to the job boards, recruiters, and employers

Job Exchange
($25/report, $100/job)

First jobs exchange trading market, market data feeds and reports (think Dice Job Board meets New York Stock Exchange)

Talent Scout CRM
(starting at $99/job)

To find the right candidate for the right job and placing them in the least amount of time and managing them with the least amount of effort

(starting at $25/mo/user)

First property management and investment software to provide realtime market valuation enabling property to be converted to fully liquidity within 48 hours.

(Free for end users)

Gives an individual control and access to all their medical history and goals (a world first)

Great Let's Eat
($1 per order/reservation)

Uses the first 4th generation bi-direction search engine to navigate eateries by location, distance, cuisine, price, dietary requirements, and even menu items

(starting at $100/mo/job)

The first skill metrics and psychometrics testing and matching system to fit a job around the person, rather than shaping the person to fit the job