The JB Metrics Sales Channel Model provides process, quality, training, and replication benefits of franchising with feedback, cooperation, product integration and distribution benefits of partnerships thereby avoiding the common limitations experienced with traditional franchising and partnerships.

The core advantage of the JB Metrics Sales Channel Model is the distribution and focused concentration of business roles and responsibilities among the five-layers organisational structure to support from concept to rollout to ongoing support.

JB Metrics

Role: R&D
Responsibility: Product Development

Regional Partners (20-30)

Role: Market Growth & Localisation
Responsibility: Regional Business Development

Support Partners (300-500)

Role: Training & Customisation
Responsibility: Operations & Support

Solutions Partners (5000-10000)

Role: Customer Sales & Implementation
Responsibility: Sales & Installation

End Customers (1-2 Billion)

Role: Market Awareness
Responsibility: Referral & User Acceptance

Support Structure

The unique organisation structure of JB Metrics helps provide a more subtle advantage for regional, support, and solutions partners. With Regional Partners having both executive and advisory board representation along with an internal dedicated team within JB Metrics they become the "Eyes, Ears, and Mouth" regionally. With Support Partners having both the Regional Partner and JB Metrics providing support from their regional offices and a voice through both, they become the "Backbone" of the JB Metrics Network. With Solutions Partners having both Support Partners and JB Metrics supporting marketing, training, and customer support to better allow Solutions Partners to focus on sales and installation for end customers, resulting in Solutions Partners along with End Customers becoming the "Face and Hands" of the JB Metrics Network globally.