OPIUM allows us to truly penetrate the retail and services industries with the world's first collaborative competitive ERP/e-Commerce solution. For the same back-office work it takes to currently run e-Commerce sites, OPIUM leverages geometrically the number of vendors, distributors, providers, and affiliates. For example, a company currently spending $1,000,000 annually in administrative expenses could see their next year's bill come in around $10,000.

Traditional e-commerce solutions abound in the tens of thousands of sites all vying and competing with little or no standardization in the form of user experience which is the true limiting factor in the adoption of e-Commerce. OPIUM creates a single centralized transaction and content system with multiple "friendly" competitor affiliate website front-end systems all offering their customers a wider range of products and services.

Licence Fee: $15,000 or
Transaction Fee: 5% sales revenue
Average implementation time: 6 — 10 person weeks customisation