Let's Eat

Industry: Hospitality

Imagine a future where you can find where to eat based on dietary preferences, ambience, a favourite dish, or by nine other search criteria. Imagine being able to place an order or reservation 24/7 from the comfort of your computer or mobile phone? Imagine no more and login in to Let's Eat, the Ultimate Online Eatery Guide

There are literally thousands of websites providing lists of restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels, and other assorted eateries hoping to attract people to come through the doors of the millions of establishments to order food and drinks. However, Let's Eat is unique in that it uses JB Metrics' 4th generation real-time interactive dynamic search engine, which allows expansion and narrowing down of selections without having to constantly reload pages. The search can even be by menu item, so finding Tiramisu or a gluten-free meal has never been as easy. Once decided, the consumer can order or make a reservation online and be updated and informed via email or even SMS on their mobile phone!