Job Post Family

The Job Post Family comprises of 3 modules: Job Post, Candidate Post and Job Tracker. Combined it creates the first universal job posting system to provide data back to the job boards, recruiters and employers. It is a place where candidates can earn money from their profiles the more their backgrounds match job requirements and are selected by companies, recruiters and job boards, a job exchange trading market, and by market data feeds and reports.

Job Post — There are several universal job posting systems on the market, but none of them have reduced the time it takes to enter in the job listing. Since time is a significant cost component, the market has not really taken off. With Job Post reducing time to one-tenth of what the competition can offer, we stand to quickly become the market leader.

Job Post is a universal job posting web application turning multiple job board postings from a 30-45 minute exercise for recruiters into a 3-minute task. With the addition of quota management, market analytics, and performance reports; Job Post has already provided its initial customer with a return of $21,000 savings in the first month for a cost of $5,000 for a licence.

Candidate Post — Right now, with many people looking for jobs, earning some money while looking would be extremely attractive. The excitement about Candidate Post is the business model that pays candidates for getting on shortlists, interviewing, and eventually accepting a job. The candidate can actually earn money while looking for a job, by looking for a job!

The challenge facing most candidate matching sites are both the lack of using a standards-based system and the lack of getting both job provider and job seeker to put in the critical information to make it easy to find a good match via computer automated systems. Candidate Post gets around this in two important means, using an ONET standards based system along with a job boards universal standards system (which was developed for Job Post) and secondly, a business model that earns job seekers revenue that would have gone to recruiters or headhunters based on both fit and popularity of the candidate profile by both employers, directly, and recruitment agencies.

Job Exchange — finding the right person, at the right time, for the right price is no longer an art; it has just become a science thanks to Job Exchange. It is just as important to know whom to keep and which position to keep during an economic downturn as it is to know whom to hire and which position to create during an economic boom. The common problem is one side has the client looking for a candidate, the other has the perfect candidate for the job. With Job Exchange, matching can happen globally. (Think meets

Licence Fee: Total Job Post - $5,000 or
Transaction Fee:
Candidate Post - $2.50 - $7.50 per candidate resume download (rate based on fit and popularity of candidate)
Express Job Post - 20% discount per ad
Job Exchange - $25 per report, $100 per job exchanged, $200 per feed
Average implementation time: 1 person day


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