Global Presence

JB Metrics has a 2-3 year window of opportunity to quickly become the global leader in providing Internet Solutions while leveraging the free-trade advantages New Zealand has with China, India, USA, Middle East, and Asia-Pacific. However, in order to rollout on such a scale to "go global" within a two-year period, means JB Metrics has had to develop a new Sales Channel model based on a hybrid of franchising and partnerships.

With the global recession and reduced demand for products, all markets are actively looking for rapid cost cuttings means. Our products are specifically geared to provide quick savings and improved productivity measured in days, not months. Markets that tend to accept quick transaction-based sales will help us establish solid sales figures starting the first year. Those that still prefers relationship-based sales which will tend to take longer to turnaround and require a larger "on the ground" sales and support staff presence, but will help support a rapid second year sales growth and beyond.

Competition Synopsis