There are three major hurdles for companies seeking to implement an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system into their company.

  1. Initial Cost and time to implement
  2. Matching System Capabilities to Business Process
  3. Ongoing costs of training and maintenance

ERP3 was built from the ground up with solutions to the issues mentioned above as part of its inherit design.

ERP3 provides a system to help management run the administrative back-end side of the company. It frees up the managers to spend more time running the company's strategic direction to help it grow rather than getting caught up in the day-to-day operations of training, purchasing, bidding, order processing, logistics, customer account management, financial and resource planning.

ERP3 Modules

There is one core module and four add on modules completing the full ERP3 Application as seen by the below diagram.

ERP3 Application Module Summary -

Core Framework Module (CFM) — everything from design to procurement, inbound and outbound logistics, warehousing, inventory and quality control, order fulfillment, production, invoicing, forecasting, and just in time (JIT) management.

Production Scheduler Module (PSM) — allows for resource scheduling for both actual and forecasted production. When combined with ROAM, it allows both workers and management to remotely see and request changes in the scheduling from any Internet-enabled device.

Remote Online Access Module (ROAM) — helps with managing the company's back-office manufacturing, purchasing, inventory, and logistics operations while also providing the front-end with direct access to the back-office from the e-commerce website, from trade show floors in other countries, and even from staff and customers with Internet-enabled mobile phones.

Payroll & Purchase Module (PPM) — manage payroll and sub-contracting of human resources from work shifts registered within PSM.

Buy/Offer Online Module (BOOM) — will not only offer e-Commerce of production goods as many other system out there currently do, it will offer the ability for the client to offer production capacity of both workers and machines to other companies who in turn if they are using ERP3 with PSM will be able to interface their "bought" production capacity in their master production schedule. This is yet another world's first for ERP3

Licence Fee: $15,000 or Subscription Fee: $25 per user per month
Average implementation time: 1 person day core install (and 2 — 4 person weeks customisation)


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