Company Vision

A Better Way to provide a "Level Playing Field" for all businesses worldwide

In the 21st century, it is access to information that is vital to not only the survival of one's business but the key to being able to succeed in this century. The challenge so far has been that both access to and means of using information have been severely restricted to those who could afford technology and lived where telecommunications infrastructure was more mature and advanced. These are significant "barriers of entry" for small companies compared to large companies, for developing nations compared to developed nations.

JB Metrics' vision is to provide information and a better way of accessing information at such an economically efficient and streamline cost to a business, that the "barrier of entry" is seriously reduced if not ultimately eliminated. Businesses should survive and succeed on their own merits, not because they have a "barrier of entry" that prevents them from succeeding themselves or preventing competition from entering the market and providing a better solution to customers.