Company Snapshot

JB Metrics was founded on January 9th, 2001 in California by James B. Wallis Martin. In 2002, JB Metrics Pty. Ltd. was established in Sydney, Australia after which it acquired IT Resources (NSW) Group, an IT Recruiting company and was involved in two separate venture capital start-ups. By March 2004, the company spun-off the IT Recruitment to Talent International, started up JB Metrics Ltd as a New Zealand company and moved its headquarters to Christchurch, New Zealand where there are no payroll taxes, no export taxes, and most importantly; no capital gains tax!

JB Metrics Ltd. has spent the last four years developing innovative subscription-based as well as dedicated license-based "Web 2.0" applications which are cost effective, quick to learn, and relatively instant to roll out within any size organisation.

Why Christchurch, New Zealand?

New Zealand as of 1st October 2008 became the first industrial Western country to have a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with China. New Zealand is also ideally suited for business software development because of its favorable intellectual property laws. The country's geographic location is essentially neutralised by the Internet, and is ideal for capitalising on time zones.

Time zone differences:

Sydney – 2 hours Los Angeles – 3 hours Tokyo – 4 hours London – 12 hours

Headquartering in New Zealand offers the advantages of not requiring payroll, export or capital gains taxes. New Zealand also benefits from a culturally diverse and technologically talented labour force. Christchurch is considered one of the top ten attractive cities to reside in worldwide based on climate, safety, cleanliness, education, standard of living, and economic growth (2005 – 7.2% GDP growth); making it highly desirable for employee relocation. Disposable income is considered equal to or greater than most congregate technology locations around the world. Christchurch is also ideally suited for the Asia-Pacific region because of the international airport with direct flights to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Bangkok, Fiji, and Hong Kong.