Ask a billionaire dying of a misdiagnosed cancer how wealthy they feel, ask a country with a waiting list of longer than two years what it is costing the country, ask a doctor whose insurance premium has forced her out of the business what the cost of malpractice and misdiagnosis is doing to the healthcare industry and you quickly realize that there is an immediate need for Bio-Nav. No one in the world has all their medical records at their fingertips. Bio-Nav changes all this and all those in the healthcare industry want it.

The fact that in the Information Age not a single individual in the world has access or control of their own medical records is both a failing on the part of Information Technology and the Medical Healthcare industries. Bio-Nav is not simply a large data warehouse of medical records accessible to medical professionals as granted by the patient, it is a system that data mines each person's medical history and gives a holistic view as to when and where issues have arisen in the past, present, and even future (with regards to proactive health goals).

Bio-Nav first release is projected late 2009 to beginning of 2010.